MSDPP Update #3

Sometimes we assume that all the world sees the urgent need for type 2 diabetes prevention.  However, Mississippians have had little access to the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program known as the National DPP, or the CMS Medicare DPP for the Medicare qualified.  Both programs are lifestyle change programs meant to slow, delay, or even reverse the onset of type 2 diabetes.  The Mississippi Diabetes Prevention Program (MSDPP) Network initially introduced on August 4th at the Mississippi Health Disparities Conference 2021 is structured to provide statewide delivery of the National DPP and Medicare DPP.

Who wants Diabetes Prevention in Mississippi?

The Diabetes Coalition of Mississippi and the Prevention Workstream have been working diligently to provide access.  The MSDPP Network structure is to establish and maintain a functional delivery ecosystem that features Healthcare PAYERS for sustainability and the Lifestyle COACH workforce for the point of care relationship with Prediabetes POPULATIONS.

Who doesn’t want Diabetes Prevention in Mississippi?

As we move forward, the actions by diabetes prevention stakeholders intended or unintended will determine the fate of National DPP and Medicare DPP statewide delivery in Mississippi.  Watch for the next update #4 on the MSDPP Network that will discuss each stakeholders’ role and their actions

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