Welcome to the Diabetes Coalition of Mississippi

Vision and Mission


Leading Mississippi toward a diabetes free tomorrow.


To serve as a unified voice to reduce the impact of diabetes through improved policy, prevention, and management of diabetes and its complications for all Mississippians.


Letter from the Chair

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the Diabetes Coalition of Mississippi (DCM), and thank you for your dedication to preventing and treating diabetes in Mississippi! The DCM is a group of Mississippians who care about the health of our residents and who know that diabetes is a major issue for our state. We know that there are many people working diligently to address this issue. By sharing our experiences, both good and bad, by leveraging our collective resources, and by focusing our efforts on activities that create the most impact, member of the DCM believe that we can make a difference in the lives of people with diabetes in our state. We also believe that, together, we can change the culture and environment so that everyone becomes healthier. We invite you to join us: attend our quarterly meetings, be active in our workstreams, and share your experiences and opportunities for improvement with our members. Together, we can Give Diabetes the Blues in Mississippi.


Booker Signature

Bridgette Stasher-Booker, PhD
Chair, Diabetes Coalition of Mississippi