Isolation Does Not Mean Sedentary

Today I had a few back-to-back meetings as well as some article and policy reviews to work on. Besides the occasional 5-minute breaks, I remained seated. During this time of the year, our offices are swarmed with ladybugs, so there is the occasional swatting. However, I still remained seated. If this type of behavior goes on for five straight days, how might it affect my health? Edema may set it, along with poor circulation of the bloodstream.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has tremendously added to the stress we place on our bodies. There are no occasional visits to coworkers’ offices, no team lunch break walks in the parking garage or around the building. Lunches away from the office are almost unheard of now that many restaurants offer delivery and take outs. What we must remember is that we have a set of advanced skills. We can move our bodies with or without assistance to get the blood flowing. We can take our lunch break and walk around and choose to put on our mask. We can walk around the building inside and outside in shifts. We can choose to eat a lighter DASH lunch and save our heavier meals when we return home where some of us are sure to burn more calories, especially for those of us who don’t know how to sit down at home because there is always a dish or clothing to wash.

 As we embark upon 2022, let’s remember to be grateful and take care of our bodies. The Diabetes Coalition of Mississippi is here to help and is growing strong. We have a host of beautiful people working with us to help Mississippians prevent and control diabetes so that we can serve as a pillar of hope. We invite you to get involved and get moving towards improved health outcomes.

 Written by Tockie V. Hemphill, M.S.

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